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Due to liability issues associated with operating an amusement park of this type, we require that EVERYONE entering Go Kart World premises signs a release form which states, among other things, that go kart riding can be dangerous and that the customer is willing to assume the liability for any injuries that result.

In order to sign a release of liability form in California, you must be at least 18 years of age. Adults bringing minors to the park may sign for them on their release form. If minors come to the park without an adult to sign for them, they may enter Go Kart World and buy rides for the Kiddy Track, Bumper Car Track, Mini Indy Track or Slick Track only. Minors without an adult to sign a release of liability for them are not permitted to ride on the Turbo Track or Super Track.


Wristbands allow you to ride the tracks as many times as you can in a specific period of time. The wristband time is actual time, not track time so it includes whatever time you are required to stand in line. Therefore, the number of rides you will get in a specific period of time depends upon the number of people waiting in line at the time. Each wristband has a guaranteed minimum number of rides so that even if your time expires, if you have not used the guaranteed number of rides, your wristband will continue to be active until you do (within that day). Wristbands are non-transferable and may not be shared.

Note: If you have a "Free" Upgrade Wristband Coupon, the guaranteed rides only apply to the wristband that is bought.

60-Minute Wristband $30.00 (8 guaranteed rides)
120-Minute Wristband $40.00 (12 guaranteed rides)
All Day (8-Hour) Wristband $50.00 (No guaranteed rides just 8 hours of use until closing time)

Ticket Prices:
$6.00 Buys One Ride Ticket

Discount Packs: Buy your ride tickets in quantity and save!
$25.00 Buys 5 Tickets
$45.00 Buys 11 Tickets

*Unused tickets remain active for 90 days.

*All 6 Tracks accept the same ticket. Wristbands DO NOT work with EuroKarts and Champ Karts. Only tickets work to race these two karts. One ticket will purchase a 3.5-minute ride on any track. *The 42 MPH Euro Karts and 40 MPH Champ Karts require 2 TICKETS per race but don't worry because these races are TWO TIMES AS LONG. The reason is because it takes a little longer to put on helmets and the special seat belts for these karts so we make the race TWO TIMES AS LONG for 2 TICKETS!


For Quantity Discounts or Group Pricing click here.

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